After growing up in the Annapolis area and beginning sailing at a
young age, my introduction to marine repair at Whitehall Yacht
Yard began during the summers in high school.  This continued
through the summers during college, where I attended Washington
College in Chestertown, MD and received a degree in economics.
After graduating in 2006, and after realizing that a desk job was not
for me, I became a full time employee at Whitehall and
subsequently Hinckley Yacht Services for three years following
their leasing of the service business in 2007. Between my years at
Whitehall and Hinckley, I became familiar with many aspects of
marine repair and hardware installations. I gained experience with
plumbing systems, 12v, 120v, and 240v electrical systems, proper
winterization techniques, fiberglass repair, keel and rudder
removals, installations and repair, propeller and shaft assembly,
and sailboat rigging - where I built new standing rigging, lifelines,
mast and boom builds and repairs aloft.

I left Hinckley in 2010 and joined the maintenance department of
Watermark Cruises in Annapolis. There I delved into the world of
steel and aluminum documented charter yachts. I serviced vessels
that were up to 100' long and capable of carrying over 250
passengers, while also contributing to the maintenance of a fleet of
fiberglass water taxis and two small fiberglass tour boats. I became
familiar with working with the Coast Guard for documentation,
stability testing, and inspection purposes. I managed large paint
projects using industrial epoxy and urethane products, along with
Interlux yacht finishes. I also gained experience with carpentry,
varnish, metal fabrication, and large sound systems.

In 2013, I left Watermark and formed my LLC, became ABYC
standards certified, and spent some time in the field with a few
reputable Annapolis marine surveyors. I am a member of the
Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS-SA) and a member
of the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC).
Located at:
1656 Homewood Landing Rd.
Annapolis, MD 21409